Some questions are best answered by living them.

So, what better way to begin by asking: What the Heck is Thawed Jam?

Here’s what I think. At some point during 2011, I gave up just thinking about the life I wanted to create and never really acting on any of my randomly creative or outrageously ridiculous ideas, passions and dreams.

So, in 2012, I’m challenging myself to do things that I thought were impossible. All this with the hope of becoming less of who I thought I was and more of who I want to become.

Making space for my desires and giving a voice to my imagination are just part of the process of becoming thawed jam.  Doing the workjoyfully savoring life‘s ups and downs, balancing structure with chaos, taking risks, and taming my inner critic are just a few of the other key ingredients.

Maybe that doesn’t fully answer the original question.  But, like any good THAWED JAM, my journey of living life outside the jar has to begin somewhere…

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