The Totality of Possibilities

This week I’m taking a page from Louise Hay’s book, “The Totality of Possibilities“….Let me explain….

In recent weeks, I’ve been hauling tush making some hard core dreams and desires come true…Without sounding too much of a new age woo woo, I’m also ankle deep in the process of redirecting my thought patterns so that I don’t automatically default to thinking about all the bad things that could happen when things are going perfectly well.

In doing so, I’m discovering that I have to work really hard at a foundational level to let go of all of the limitations that I impose on myself.

You know how it goes…One minute you’re daydreaming about taking a trip to India and the next second you start doubting that could ever be a possibility for you.

Or how about this one?

It’s a beautiful day and you marvel to yourself, “Wow!  Things are just the way I have always hoped they’d be.  I’ve come so far!”  But then along comes a negative thought and you start to think, “Brace yourself!  @#$* will probably be hitting the fan soon.”

I was doing well at doing initial redirections.  Really well, in fact.  Realized where all of this came from and was starting to get strong enough at pushing away the intrusive thought.  When all of a sudden….


Yeah…I hit a crisis bump.  This bump comes after having one of the best days that I have ever had in my entire life.  Literally, I was flying high.  In fact, I am currently in the middle of the storm as I blog this post tonight.

Louise points out that most of the time we see only a limited set of possibilities for ourselves.  She argues that if you live by your past limitations, then you’ll never step foot into all the options that are available to you.

If you immediately set up the walls of your limitations and fears whenever there is a problem instead of going through them, nothing can ever get in past the limitation.

She goes on to say that there are an infinite number of possibilities available to us at any given moment. The only things that keep us from seeing them  are our limiting beliefs and fears.

So, even though it hurts and it’s scary, I know that I must keep redirecting and pushing that negativity aside so while all the meantime calling in the positivity and the TOTALITY OF POSSIBILITIES (oooh, I’d love include a drum roll or trumpet sound each I said that).

After all, each bump just pushes and shows us that a higher version of possibility is within our reach.  And even when there is no immediate bump, focusing on the possibility helps build momentum to reach our goals.

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