Where’s Jam been Hiding?

Do you really want to know??

Or better yet…do I really want to tell??

Truth of the matter is that I haven’t really been actively hiding – at least not by choice anyways…just have been more like submerged under a sea of to-dos…guess that’s what happens when you become a grown up :/  #howcanibeatoysruskid again?

Now that the fog has cleared, I don’t know what to do with myself.  For the first time in I’m not sure how long, I actually have some breathing room.

Life without a hardcore To-Do list is kind of unnerving.  (“Like my Status” if you can relate.)  I find myself trying to make up mini task lists just to feel productive  and on track.  As I start to do that though, I feel the angst of the never-ending to-do list knotting back up in my stomach.

What’s a jam to do?  

My latest theory is to simple:  Minimize the overachiever behavior. 

That’s right.  I’m committing myself to stop offering and springing for the full PuPu platter so that I can learn to savor and relish just the main enchilada.

And so begins the next phase of the thaw…

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