Smaller Bites & Absoutely Nothing

This has been a very very very very busy semester.  Did I mention just how very busy I’ve been?  Every day is jam packed with either school, work or play time. 

Thankfully, it’s been busy in a good way.

I am doing work that I love, having fun in the process and feel like I am finally headed in the right direction. The only problem is that I’ve discovered a double-edged sword in being extremely busy.

In full blog-like disclosure, I must admit that I’m a bit of a task master.  I like to get the darn job done so I can scratch it off the list.  Like any good Virgo, I have my lists and my schedules (color-coded and categorized, of course).  But, I’ve recently been feeling incredibly overwhelmed by all that I have bitten off.

Rather than try to swallow all the “stuff” whole that’s due or that I want to do, I’m trying 2 new approaches.

First, a word about the small bites:

Tonight, for example, when the thought of working on my capstone proposal seemed too daunting, I focused on only one small section.  Literally, just a few paragraphs in that vast body of work that is to be my ticket off this train they call graduate school.  And I felt a sense of accomplishment like no other.

Now, a word about doing nothing:

The other new strategy that I’m trying out (although, not with much success as of yet), is doing absolutely nothing.

In all my busyness and hurriedness, I forget that sometimes [often] the best time is the time that I set aside to do absolutely nothing.

Now that’s hard because I am sooooo very used to being on the move.  Even during downtime, I find myself painting my nails, watching tv, thinking about something that needs to be done.  But at least once this week, even if only for a few hours, I am going to give it a shot.

Looking forward to reporting back on my little experiment.

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