Thawed Jam: The Pre-Post Rant

First things, first.  Let’s set the record straight.  This is NOT my first post!  I repeat: “This is NOT my first post!”

This is the post before my first official post.  Let’s just call it a pre-post rant, if you will.  Cool, huh?  Now, how many bloggers can say they have one of those?

After careful ponderation and consideration, I made the giant leap to join the blogosphere.  Population ?  Who the heck knows?  Who the heck really cares?

The point is that I decided to do it and actually DID it!  #YeahTeamME.  Indeed, what better space than a blog to post my musings, thoughts, and adventures about living life outside the jar?

A thing or two about blogging seems fitting here.  So, allow me to rant, if only just for a moment.  “They” (meaning the powers that be…whoever they are) make it seem all so simple.  No one tells you that:

  • It could literally take hours on end to come up with a quirky, fun, yet, sophisticated name.  So, if you now feel somehow inspired to blog, be prepared.  Perhaps you might want to stick to something formal and stuffy sounding.
  • Changing the layout of your page, the color scheme and the picture placement look deceptively simple before you click the sign me up button.  In the midst of my sleep-deprived haze, I do believe that I heard my blog snicker in true Joker fashion, “Just wait till they get a load of me!” every time I attempted to modify the page.
  • Coming up with a concept, squeezing your creative juices, and getting your ideas across concisely and succinctly are hard work.  Nuff said!  In my next lifetime, I do solemnly vow to come back as a MASTER Wordsmith.  So bear with me until then.

With all that said, I am so happy and excited to begin blogging.  (That is, of course, when I post my first official post.)  It’s kind of addictive and is a perfectly imperfect way of letting go of my limitations, insecurities and fears in order to begin living life outside the jar WHEN I start (sound familiar?) it’s hard to stop because, in many ways, it’s like thawing outWhile, I don’t quite know where I’ll end up when I begin, as I go through the process I always seem hit on all the ingredients that are the essential to the vision and pulse of this blog.

Anyways, thanks for scrolling down this far!  I hope you’ll come back for more.

Simple Disclaimer:  All rants and esoteric ponderations will be used sparingly and with utmost discretion.

WELCOME to Thawed Jam, peeps!

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6 thoughts on “Thawed Jam: The Pre-Post Rant

  1. YAY!!! Blogs are cool. Sometimes I wish I can take the time out and start one up. I don’t really know what to talk about. Maybe once I start B-school since I should have plenty to talk about or not.

    • Go for it, Iris! Pick something that you absolutely love or can’t stand to blog about. You’d be surprised at how much you actually have to say once you get started. Good luck with B-school 🙂

  2. Tanya Powell on said:

    Who knew that C-Ville would start your creative juices flowing? I’m so proud of you!!!

  3. I for one am interested in your esoteric ponderations.

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